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Air conditioners are one of the most valuable appliances in the home and office. Without them, people will be very uncomfortable indoors especially when the weather gets hot. Being highly useful appliances, homeowners should therefore make it a point to care for their air conditioning units on a regular basis to prolong its life and give you cool air for many long years.

Air conditioning units may be a constant fixture in the home but they need not be left as is. There are ways you can do to improve their appearance to beautify a room so that it complements your interior design. One of these is to change your air conditionerís vent cover. Remember that your home air conditioners may not always fit the design scheme of your rooms and if you donít have the time to paint the vent covers, changing them with a new one instead is your best option.

Itís about time you know that the vent covers of your air conditioning equipment can be changed. If youíre a hands-on homeowner who does the regular cleaning of your air conditioner, you should know that vent covers can be easily installed and taken off. They normally just have two to three screws.

Vent covers hide the inner circuits and entire body of an air conditioner and have openings and small adjustable windows where air passes through. They come in different styles such as those similar to a grate or those with louvers that are adjustable (up and down or sideways) such as when you want to increase or lessen airflow or to direct air to a specific part of the room. Theyíre also available in various designs from the simple to the more intricate ones.

Proper maintenance and repair is needed to keep the good appearance of the vent covers and to make them last long. Not much effort is required as you will only need a duster or a soft cloth to wipe off dust and dirt. For thorough cleaning, you will have to remove the vent cover first so that you can brush the inside part or vacuum it to remove dirt buildup. Make sure to use a soft toothbrush for the small holes and avoid applying too much pressure when cleaning.

Along with the vent covers, donít forget to change your filters regularly. Filters that are normally slipped into the vent cover act as collector of dust and other pollutants in the air circulating in your home. If you family members that suffer from allergies, the more eco-friendly filters are best to use.

Another option you can consider is the use of magnetic vent covers. This type serves an important function of limiting the flow of air to certain areas in the room. Made of thin and durable magnetic sheeting, this air conditioner vent cover does not cost much and is also easy to use. In fact, it can be cut to fit the size of your home air conditioner. And whatís great about this is that you can paint it, put wallpaper on it or cover it with carpet to make it unnoticeable in the room.

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