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The Benefits of Geothermal Heating

Geothermal Heat 

The Benefits of Geothermal Heating

It’s a reality that people these days are more conscious about preserving the environment and it’s praiseworthy to see that they are finding ways to do things with our natural surroundings foremost in mind. One ideal practice that has spread in many areas is the use of geothermal heating notably in the homes and buildings.

Geothermal energy is one of the most efficient forms of energy available for use primarily in many homes and buildings. Since it is sourced from beneath the earth’s surface, this type of energy is environment friendly and cost effective and therefore, beneficial to homeowners and building occupants.

* Natural source. The term geothermal is actually a combination of two Greek words “gheo” which refers to the earth and “thermal” which pertains to heat. Geothermal energy comes from an intensive heat that constantly exists underneath the earth’s surface. Temperature from the deep within the earth can go beyond 6,000 degrees which, according to experts, can cause even a rock to melt. Because of this intense heat, geothermal energy is capable of generating electricity and heating homes as well as industrial facilities. And since it comes from nature and available all year round, it is a renewable source of energy. Studies confirm that around 70 percent of energy used in a geothermal heating system is renewable from the ground. 

* Less operational cost. While it may be expensive to install a geothermal type of heating system, the savings you get from using it in the long run will far exceed its initial cost. It has also been proven that geothermal heating is less expensive than any other type of system available because of its efficiency. A geothermal heating system can lower a home’s energy bills from 30 to 40 percent based on the estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. During the winter, this system especially if equipped with a so-called desuperheater to heat household water, it can also bring down water-heating costs by about half. Maintenance costs are often low as well as the piping system is underground and thereby protected from the bad effects of changing weather. Read the disadvantages of geothermal energy.

* Did you know that geothermal water can also heal skin problems? It is because geothermal water contains many minerals and other chemical elements that have been proven to help heal various skin diseases. 

* Reversible system. Geothermal energy is commonly used today in the heat exchange pumps. This type of system works two ways not only in heating a home or building during the cold winter season but in cooling them as well especially during the hot summer months. It features a system of pipes and water to circulate under the home and provide hot air needed by families when the climate becomes cold. 

* Quiet heating. While some heating systems have fans that can cause noise in the home when switched on, the geothermal type produces no noise at all. This means that homeowners can really get the comfort that they want while inside their homes without worrying about any sound from the system. 

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