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Heat Pumps 

Understanding Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a vital home appliance that provides both warm and cool air to homes and buildings. Being just like a fridge freezer, heat pumps give homeowners their much needed comfort which is most often reserved only for high-rise office buildings, five-star hotels and executive apartments. Generally, they heat, cool, dehumidify and constantly filter the air of dust and other impurities.

A heat pump consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. The existence of these two units has earned them the name “split systems.” Many heat pumps today have remote controls to provide homeowners with the greatest convenience. 

A heat pump is actually an air conditioner unit that works in reverse mode. During summer, it operates as a regular air conditioner while during the colder months, it provides the necessary heat by getting heat energy from outdoor air or underground water. However, when the temperature outside drops below freezing point, the heat pump utilizes an internal electric heating coil and this can be very costly. 

There is no standard size of heat pumps meant for homes. The most appropriate way to choose the right size is to have an accurate estimate of the heat needed in your home during winter for heating and the heat needed to be transferred out of your home during summer for cooling purposes. A qualified specialist should do the heat estimation. Research and find the best rated heat pumps.

An experienced HVAC professional can determine the amount of heating required for your home. They will check on the heat loss through your walls, windows and roofs. In areas with cold climates, windows are recommended to be double glazed to minimize heat loss. Proper insulation of walls and roofs should, therefore, be your priority before purchasing a heat pump to save you on high installation and operating costs. 

Size should not bother homeowners in choosing a heat pump. Heat pumps normally don’t take up much space, can serve as neutral home décor with low noise levels. Various styles are available today but the most compact is the ducted split system as it can be hidden in the ceiling or under your floor with only its grilles for spreading air can be seen in your home. 

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Heating Systems

Solar Heat

Solar HeatSolar heating means utilizing the sun’s thermal energy to provide space heating and hot water to homes and buildings. With a natural source of energy, this type of heating system has major benefits to homes

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Radiant Heat

Radiant HeatThis heating system works by providing heat directly to the floor or panels in the wall or ceiling. Radiant heating from the floor is known as radiant floor heating or simply floor heating and has actually three types 

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Hydronic Heat

Hydronic HeatHydronic heating refers to the use of water as the medium in transferring heat in heating and cooling systems. It is sometimes called in-floor or in-slab heating. This type is one of the oldest and most commonly used heating systems 

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Geothermal Heat

Geothermal HeatGeothermal heating systems are also known as ground-source heat pumps that draw a steady supply of heat energy from the soil and move it through a home or building.

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