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Heating With Wood

Heating With Wood 

Wood Heating

Wood has long been in existence and has long proven its worth in many aspects of peopleís lives. In the home, one of its main uses is in providing families with the warmth they need especially during the cold winter months. With wood burning in the fireplace, the home and the people living in it are kept warm and comfortable while enjoying their time together. 


Using wood is both an economical and effective way of heating a home. Economical in the sense that wood is the cheapest form of fuel used in heating and effective in that radiant heat released from wood is much the same as the heat we get directly from the sun. 

There are still many advantages to using wood heating in the home. Did you also know that wood heating reduces 25 percent of your homeís energy consumption? This is what they normally call proper space heating in that only the place where people spend their time together in the home is provided with radiant heat from the fireplace or stove. 

With wood, homeowners are guaranteed sustainable supply of fuel. This form of energy is renewable because it doesnít contribute to the degradation of the earthís natural resources. So, when we use wood for heating, its stored energy that actually came from the sun is released giving people just the right amount of heat they need during the cold months. 

Wood heating does not add to global warming. Although it releases the greenhouse gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) that leads to global warming, the CO2 released from wood is actually absorbed back by the young and growing trees. In other words, trees recycle carbon dioxide unlike when you burn fossil fuels such as natural gas or oil from which their CO2 goes directly to the atmosphere thus, contributing to global warming. 

A big benefit of wood heating is that you can still get your much needed heat even with power failure in your area. Those electrically operated energy sources are of no use when thereís no power but not the wood which can still keep you warm and safe in the comfort of your home. 

How it developed

Wood heating is very ideal for homes situated outside of the cities such as in rural areas, small towns and suburban places. At least in these areas, wood heating wonít contribute much to the air pollution caused by automobile exhaust and those from factories in large urban areas. 

Appliances used in burning wood have advanced through the years and are now a far cry from the old technology. Since 1980, more advanced technology has helped reduce smoke emissions by about 90 percent compared to the traditional equipment. 

Authorities have also taken the necessary steps to enforce the proper safety guidelines in using wood-burning space heaters to prevent the occurrence of house fires related to wood heating. And so, there are now product safety standards, installation codes and professional training required of installers and inspectors. 

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